Going With the Grain As I enter the 4th and final year of my part time PhD and I look back on the ups and downs so far, I’ve realised that although it might not feel like it at times, I have learnt a great deal not just about academia, but about myself. I’ve finally […]

Learning music at a young age can have positive results. Even just listening to music can activate the whole brain, including areas linked to emotion, creativity and movement [1]. The positive functional and structural changes to the brain associated with musical training have previously been thought to be augmented for those who begin training early […]

Advertising and music Advertising and branding is ubiquitous in the Western world. We experience it in our homes, on buses, in supermarkets, and at work. Some advertising infuriates us, some advertising makes us laugh, and some advertising gets stuck in our heads. Music plays a vital role in advertising, and a lot of the time […]

Music psychology, or the psychology of music, could be regarded as either a branch of psychology, musicology, or music therapy. Music psychology covers a wide range of topics, such as Music and emotion Music and personality Music and consumer behavior Music and memory Music and language Music and education Music and the brain One example […]